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Richard Crozier (UK)

Richard Crozier joins Fifth Note Advisory Board. He is the ex-Director of Professional Development at Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music.

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Why Music Matters

Fifthnote really does offer something special! See our students in action here.

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Music Lessons for You

Music Lessons were the best thing your parents ever did for you

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Fifth Note, for the first time in India, brings professional music education to schools. Your child will learn to play a musical instrument and enjoy singing in class. We aim to inspire children and young people to engage with music throughout their school life and beyond.

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Why Music?

Music is about communication, creativity and cooperation, and by studying music in schools children have the opportunity to build on these skills, enrich their lives, and experience the world from a new perspective.    – Bill Clinton

Fifth Note in Schools Fifth Note in Schools

Partnership with Schools

It is simple! We bring our Music Learning Center to your school, where we will offer lessons on various musical instruments and vocals.

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Course Options More about Fifth Note

Music Instruments Portfolio

Fifth Note offers courses in Guitar, Drums, Violin, Piano and Vocal leading towards certifications in the area of your chosen instrument.

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Information for Parents & Students Information for Parents & Students

For Parents & Students

Our Music Learning Centers operate within schools in your city. We offer music lessons in the school premises.

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Fifth Note would like to thank our special partners for all of their support

“89% of school principals feel that a high-quality music education program contributes to their school achieving higher graduation rates.”

- According to 2008 Harris Poll