Why choose Fifth Note

A World of Music at your school campus

How does it work? Fifth Note works in partnership with you. Depending on the preferences our professional tutors come to your campus and conduct lessons either during or after the school hours at your school campus.

6 reasons on why should you partner with Fifth Note

    01You will save Money

  • You need not appoint your own school music teacher. Fifth Note teachers come to your campus to offer lessons on various instruments. Not only your profitability improves but also the administrative burden behind organizing and managing music lessons is also reduced.

    02You get five music tutors

  • Generally schools pawn on one music teacher for music education for the entire school, but we offer 5 music tutors specializing in various music instruments and teach in small groups for effective learning

    03Your school will attract more students

  • By partnering with Fifth Note your school gains an edge over schools that do not have a professional music education program. This partnership will give your school a competitive edge over your competition thus attracting more number of students.

    04Your Music Periods become progressive

  • Our teaching is comprehensive, sequential and curriculum based and is focused towards achieving professional certifications in Music. The curriculum is crafted taking the essential elements from Trinity and ABRSM (UK), contemporary Indian and world music which offers a fun and heart touching experience for a learner.

    05Your school will become a musical school

  • You will improve your brand image and gain recognition in the market due to the fact that Fifth Note enables stage performances of your school band in your city. Thus helping you transition from a mere academic organization to an organization that focuses on all-rounded development of a child.

    06Your school becomes international in its true sense

  • We offer enhanced music study week program to European Countries for students who are at the advanced levels of musical competencies. Typically it’s a 10 day program where students associated with us, visit our partner organization in Austria or Italy and get exposed to the world of music on a different level.

More than 50% of schools in India have a Music Period but around 99% of the 50% do not have a trained music teacher and have insufficient number of musical instruments for children to learn and practice.