Why choose Fifth Note

A World of Music at your child’s school campus

How does it work? Fifth Note works in partnership with your child’s school or college. Depending on the arrangement with the school we will either conduct classes during the school hours or immediately after the school hours on the school campus itself.

6 reasons on why should you enroll your child at Fifth Note Center in your school

    01Our teachers are certified

  • At Fifth Note we proudly feature some of the most talented, in-demand music teachers in India to deliver music lessons. All teachers are college or university educated with professional certifications from Trinity College London. Moreover, our teachers receive mentorship from our European mentors on child education techniques.

    02Our Curriculum is progressive

  • Our teaching is comprehensive, sequential and curriculum based and is focused towards achieving professional certifications in Music. The curriculum is crafted taking the essential elements from Trinity and ABRSM (UK), contemporary Indian and world music which offers a fun and heart touching experience for a learner.

    03We nurture the entertainer in your child

  • We form bands and orchestras for organized stage performances all across India and offer workshops to our students on Showmanship and Stagecraft to make them all rounded performers.

    04We use good quality musical instruments

  • We make sure that there are sufficient musical instruments to maximize the learning and practice time for each child in each music session. The instruments are hand-picked to ensure the quality of sound and rhythm and the Piano lessons are offered on Wall Pianos which contain hammer action keys.

    05We inspire your children in a different way

  • We inspire children to engage in Music by offering innovative and group based lessons which make music learning fun. Through our group lessons we inspire a feeling of kinship and a sense of belonging that one can attain in a group class that can lead to greater progress and provide support when one has struggles.

    06We provide European exposure

  • We offer enhanced music study week program to European Countries for students who are at the advanced levels of musical competencies. Typically it’s a 10 day program where students associated with us, visit our partner organization in Austria or Italy and get exposed to the world of music on a different level.

“Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education, because rhythm and harmony find their way into inward spaces of the soul.”

- Plato