Our Story

Fifth Note was established in India and aims at cultivating the all-round development of children and young people by providing professional music education in their schools and colleges in India. The organization Fifth Note is conceptualized by Divya who has lived in Europe for more than 7 years and has seen the role of arts education in forming the competencies such as creativity among the young people of Europe. While growing up in India, Divya missed the opportunity to learn Music or any other form of art and it is his vision that children and young people of India should at least master one form of art for their life. Music gives you a better understanding of yourself and the horizons are higher when you are involved in music. With this vision, Fifth Note aims at expanding in all the emerging cities of India in the coming years and invites schools and colleges to partner with Fifth Note in this initiative and make music as part of life for young Indians.

“Music can change the world because it can change people.”